We offer you a customized solutions that meets your procurement needs, whether it is a standard purchase using our purchasing servces, or the need to improve skills using our training programs, or, finally, a professional advice on a procurement issue – we are always ready to help you!

Purchasing services:

Quickly changing market situation and the latest technology enables companies to automate procurement management processes, thus reducing costs. However, the increasing pace of business often leaves procurement professionals without having enough time to properly take care of the procurement process as well as its following up the suppliers either in Lithuania or worldwide.  Purchasing services include everything from the search for new suppliers to the remote warehouse and logistics maintenance.

Procurement Audit:

Common procurement audits on the market are limited to procurement policy and inspection of working instructions. We go far more inside and we analyze your purchases from professional point of view checking the real market prices and what best possible prices are available. Procurement audit includes procedures of purchasing, supplier evaluation to employee competence assessment.

Procurement Training:

Our trainings cover all the procurement phases and help to use the knowledge of procurement in daily work.

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